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Reserved Grooming Methodology

Welcome to our information page for reserved grooming.  Our club has automated the reserved grooming process for our events.  Below you will see our reserved grooming diagram.  If you desire you can download the diagram. Use the diagram to find the spot(s) you would like to reserve.  


Reserved Grooming the Old Way

In the past, the way reserved grooming worked was you first had to find the premium.  Then you have to find the reserved grooming information in the premium.  Then you have to cut out the reservation form.  Then you have to fill it out, write a check, get it in the mail and then wait to see if you even have a space.


Our Way of Handling Reserved Grooming

Our way to handle reserved grooming is to totally automate it.  The process is fast, easy, and you will love it.  Here is the process.

1) Use the diagram to find the spaces you would like to have.

2) Go to the reservation form and see if your desired spaces are available.

  • If they are available then proceed with making your reservation.
  • If they aren't then you will have to select other spots.

3) Finish the form.  You will go to PayPal where you can pay your fees.

4) As soon as your fees ae paid and confirmed (usually five minutes) you will receive an email confirmation of  your reservation.

5) Make sure you take your receipt/reservation email with you and have it at your setup.

6) Cost per space is $40.00 plus PayPal fees.